Social Media Midterm

Question #5

What kind of conversational patterns can you expect to encounter using social media as a PR professional? What will consumers of your content expect? How can you level these expectations?


Social media has created a conversation style that no longer follows the linear model of communication

communication-wheelIt enables communication that is rapid, dynamic and most importantly interactive.

In keeping with this model, as a PR professional I expect converational patterns that are much more direct and engaged. 

Social media applications allow PR professionals to get an insider view of their targeted audience. Via these outlets PR professionals are not only able to speak to their audience but to listen as well. As this model shows it is the art of listening, learning and sharing. 

3811677140_f1072f9989_oConsumers now expect the content we create to be consistent with our organization or brand. Everything we tweet, post or share needs to be reflective of this. 

Consumers will also expect to be engaged on a more frequent basis. Social media has made consumers privy to information/dialogue surrounding an organization or brand. As a result, a lack of consumer engagement tends to make them feel alienated and can create a disconnect.

To level these expectations it is important for PR professionals to be well-versed in social media. As we are learning already as PR students, a healthy diet of social media allows us to be aware of and connected to our environment. While online visibility is important, PR professionals need to ensure they are sharing content that is consistent with who they are/who they represent in order to meet the expectations of a web 2.0 savvy society.


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